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Last Saturday was Michigan’s State Time Trial championships. A race that I almost didn’t register for since only since a few weeks prior I was filled with self-doubt that I didn’t have enough fitness since it was June and too early to have the race I wanted. Chad sent me an email that was enough […]

Cone Azalia Cat 3

Posted: 14th May 2010 by Leadout Racing in Race News

I took 1st and Mark took a strong second place. From the start I clipped in and started rolling and didn’t realize but by the 1st corner I had a large gap, I figured whatever lets see how this plays and kept rolling. Someone bridged and joined me and we began trading pulls, about 3/4 […]

Tour de Gaslight Crit Masters 35+ and Cat. 3

Posted: 25th August 2009 by Leadout Racing in Race News
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I had registered for both races and wanted to focus on the masters race and just help out in the Cat 3. The masters race went as planned as Dan S. and Jimmy made constant attacks for the first part of the race. I take a little longer to warm up and didn’t make any […]

Chicago Criterium – Cat 3

Posted: 28th July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Race News
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The Cat 3 race was a lot of fun. Peter, Mark, Nick, Mike, Geoff, and I all discussed our plan before the race. Naturally, our plan didn’t work worth a crap. At any rate, I wanted to stay near the front, because passing was somewhat difficult, turns 2 and 3 are tight enough that the […]

Superweek Race 3/Whitnall Crit(Cat. 3)

Posted: 21st July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Racing
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We had our first race of the week without Dan K as he decided racking up points for the season at Grattan was a better idea than duking it out for a couple extra days in Wisco. Thankfully he will be back for the last couple of days. Mark, Peter, and I figured that today […]