2011 Iceman Cometh MYC 12-18

Posted: 9th November 2011 by Leadout Racing in Race News
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Coming into this race, I was excited and nervous because this was my first shot at the big race. I had only done the Slush-Cup up until this year. When I arrived at the starting line I saw that Luke Mullis and Spencer Grasl were there. They had beat me in every other race. Luke beat me on the road and Spencer has beaten me both times we have raced MTB’s. There were plenty of other strong riders there, but those were the two that I knew. As I warmed up I was talking to Luke about the race and we knew it was going to be fast. Ten minutes before the race we started to get lined up and I was happy with being around the 3rd row behind the fast guys. As the start got closer I became more nervous, but when the race finally started I took off trying to stay with the front. Almost immediately they were gone. Spencer was on the very back of the front group and I knew I had to bridge up. I tried to catch him, thankfully Luke went by and I jumped on his wheel. We were not making up any ground, but we weren’t losing any either. As we are getting to Tornado Alley the 3 of us are together with one older kid. Once out of Tornado Alley I pass Spencer and never see him again. Luke and I continue together through the never-ending hills. Going through Williamsburg was awesome as their were tons of people cheering me on and inspiring me to keep going. I would loss Luke on almost every downhill, but he would come back on the uphills. When we got to the 3k sign i knew the course from there as I had ridden it the night before with my mom. I took the first single track hard in hopes of getting a gap on the people behind me. I came out of the singletrack and then straggled up Icebreaker. The last single track I went hard again and I heard someone crash behind me. I didn’t look back and just kept going. I went up Woodchip in my big ring and really liked all the people yelling at me. i came to thefinal stretch and I got outsprinted by another kid. Afterwards, I was resting on my bike and I saw Luke come in. I was happy to beat him for the first time, but really appreciate his competiton.

  1. Mark Hotchkin says:

    Nice race report Keegan. Sounds like you did great.

  2. Tammy Moran says:

    Great riding and writing! Very proud!

  3. Pat and Bob Contreras: Proud Grandparents says:

    Great report on your exciting and inspiring race!
    Your efforts and abilities will move you to the top. Focus on your goals!
    Love, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Patty