Superweek Race 6/Chase Food Folks & Spokes(Cat. 3)

Posted: 24th July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Racing
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Today’s race was a straight forward four corner rectangular criterium with no elevation change at all. There was one corner that was a little tight, one that was a sweeper and two 90 degree corners. The only other distinguishing feature was a small chicane on the back stretch, but it wasn’t big enough to really cause the pack any problems. Mark, Peter, and I were finally reunited with Dan K who was back after going home for a few days. Due to the strange lack of organization in the field and the general feeling that we were supposed to do the lions share of the work because we were the most cohesive team we decided it was a good day to weld any gaps that opened up and keep things together for a field sprint so we could set up a train and hopefully get a win. There were a few moments when I was stuck on the front to long that I doubted our plan but with everyone chipping in it soon became easy to control things and bring everything back. Inside the last 15 laps I stayed in the first 10 places almost all the time and just stayed in position for the coming sprint. With between 5 and 3 Peter, Mark, and Dan materialized at the front and with two to go we lined up a wheel off the front and prepped for the last lap. Mark brought things up to speed shortly after 2 to go, Peter upped the pace and as we dove into corner 1 on the last lap two guys jumped in front of Dan K. At this point I got a little worried but he handled it awesome and pulled us back up to them easily. Dan dove into the last two corners with me on his wheel and as we sped onto the finishing straight the two guys in front of us pushed outside and toasted Dan’s momentum. I had the choice of braking and hoping he got it back or starting my sprint early, and opted to jump from about 250 meters into a headwind. As in Evanston I was worried about riders coming out of drafts but never saw anyone in my peripheral vision and took my second win of the week. This was another great effort for the team and they made the win seem far too easy. I owe all 3 of them a huge thank you. Dan managed to hang on for 10th, with Mark and Peter just sitting on the field and getting credit for the finish after their work was done.


  1. Dan says:

    I think you owe them some cash! Well done on another win.