Superweek Race 3/Whitnall Crit(Cat. 3)

Posted: 21st July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Racing
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We had our first race of the week without Dan K as he decided racking up points for the season at Grattan was a better idea than duking it out for a couple extra days in Wisco. Thankfully he will be back for the last couple of days. Mark, Peter, and I figured that today would be a pretty easy day and didn’t have a problem with that considering tomorrow is the Lakefront Road Race. We were right to a certain point as the field took it easy around the rolling 1.1 mile course. With a 120 degree turn and a climb following the finishing straight a small group rolled off the front with 20 or so laps to go. It swelled to about 10 riders, including Mark, before I decided the gap was big enough to cross without dragging anyone with me. Catching the break was the easy part as no one wanted to cooperate for the first 5 laps I was there. 3 or 4 of us did all the work and trimmed the group to 7 riders that worked pretty well together. The gap inched up slowly until 3 laps to go when we had almost 2 minutes on the field. The last lap didn’t go as planned as no one in the field would work with us and I got stuck on the front for too long. No gaps opened up as I rolled off and I got stuck sprinting from the back as Mark lead the sprint out. I ended up 3rd with Mark taking 7th and Peter rolling in for 11th and a good placing in the field sprint.