Superweek Race 2/Whitnall RR(Cat. 3)

Posted: 20th July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Race News
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With Peter borrowing a pair of pedals for the rest of the week, we were able to bring the full team of Peter, Dan K, Mark, and myself out to play at today’s road race.  The course was closer to a circuit race being only 14 laps of a 2.5ish mile circuit. We had decided to keep the race animated, and after some shadow boxing early on I attacked on the power climb to the finish at 2 laps in and ended up riding mostly solo for the next 3+ laps, although midway through Peter bridged across and hung in for about half a lap before going back to slow things up. Eventually the strung out field brought me back and of course Dan K was patrolling the front so I rolled straight off the front with a group of 4 and stayed out for a few more laps in a break that wasn’t overly motivated to work together. Upon getting reabsorbed riders kept making small little attacks that only resulted in the pace staying decently fast and no one getting away. In the second half of the race a decent break got away without any Leadout representation, but 3/4 of a lap with Dan, Mark, and I whipping up the pace brought them back and served as the crushing blow to the field as no one ever attacked us again. With 3 laps to go Mark kept the pace fast on the hill, and the field rolled around at a decent pace as Dan and I rolled to the front. I sat up and gave Dan a gap and it kept opening up. Sean Piper, Nick’s friend/roommate, rolled around me and up to Dan, and just like that the winning break was formed. No one including Dan and Sean thought they had a chance as it all happened at low speeds, but no one chased and the gap grew. They rolled around for two laps as Mark, Peter, and I discouraged chasing and bridging efforts. Coming into the sprint we could see Dan taking 2nd to Sean just a little bit in front of us. I was a little to far back in field and asked Peter to kill himself for me on the steep bottom part of the hill to get me in place for the last 100 meters. Peter did more than enough work to pull me even with the very front of the field and I was able to take the field sprint with a pretty comfortable gap to the next racer and 3rd place on the day. Peter pulled the pin on any effort to sprint and rolled in near the tail end of the field, while Mark got boxed in on the many racers unable to keep their speed on the hill, but did manage to crack the top 20.