Super Week Race 1/Evanston Crit(Cat. 3)

Posted: 19th July 2009 by Leadout Racing in Race News, Racing
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Mark, Peter, and I headed out to Evanston a little later than planned, and met up with Dan K. once we got down there. Things were a little hectic as we got down there, and we managed a very short warm up. Rolling to the start line Peter’s pedal broke and we lost 25% of our team and a big part of how we had hoped to ride. Mark and I tried to figure out a way to get him in the the race and showed up to the start just in time to line up in the very back of a big field. The first 5-10 laps were way to fast to move up much and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see the front of the race from my starting spot, and I really didn’t want to try and force it. My patience paid off and I was able to follow wheels up and stayed in the first 25 riders for most of the race, occasionally doing some work or showing my face at the front. With 5 laps to go Dan and I starting hanging out in the top 10 riders and did a fair amount of work to keep things moving along and our places safe. Going into the last lap I had lost Dan’s wheel due to some late race crashes and didn’t have a lead out. With about 700 meters and 3 turns to go the Alderfer Bergen lead out dropped a ton of speed and I decided to jump around them bringing a small group of riders with me and forcing others to adjust their positions and lines. I stayed on the front after going by them and flew into the last corner, and jumped shortly afterwards, about 300 meters from the line, somehow no one was able to come around me and I was able to hang on for the win! Dan rode awesome to take 8th while Mark finished mid pack, and Peter did an OK job as a cheerleader.


  1. Peter says:

    I apologize for my weak cheering, i was busy being bitter, but I did yell ridiculously when you won…

    I got weird looks.


  2. Dan says:

    “Somehow no one was able to come around me”

    I’ve seen you sprint and it’s pretty obvious why no one came around you. Not many people can.

    Awesome race.